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Below is a selection of frequently asked questions about iO PLAY2 and iO TALK2. Below the FAQs is the iO Troubleshooting guide to many common user issues.

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What do the different models do?
iO TALK2 is great for the professional driver; taxi drivers, cabbies, truckers and sales reps will all appreciate the features on iO TALK2 and the attention we have paid to their professional needs. Giving crystal clear sound quality whatever your mode of transport, car, van, commercial vehicle or fleet vehicle.

iO PLAY2 matches the TALK2 sharing the same hardware and functionality. iO Play 2 benefits from an 180 watt onboard amp for enhanced and prolonged music performance delivering great sound, perfect for the audiophile on the move. iO PLAY2 also has 10 musical EQ presets for matching music styles to your preference.

Is my device compatible with iO PLAY2?
If your device is Bluetooth enabled then it should work with the iO PLAY2. Please check our handset compatibility database to confirm the features that your phone will support when connected to the iO PLAY2. Should your device not be listed then please contact us and we can advise if the iO PLAY2 is suitable for your device.

Will iO PLAY2 fit my vehicle?
iO PLAY2 can be fitted to almost all 12V vehicles using an Autoleads SOT adaptor harness. You can confirm the suitability of your vehicle by searching our vehicle compatibility database. Should your vehicle not be listed then please contact us to confirm suitability.

Can I connect 2 phones at once to my iO Kit?
Yes with iO’s ‘Multipoint ProTM’ technology you are able to pair and connect 2 phones at once to the kit. You will also have full control of most features on both phones including phonebook access, music streaming and call handling. You don’t need to switch phones on the kit to enjoy full operation.

What is TTS?
Text To Speech (TTS) is the ability to have the iO kit read out various pieces of information to you so you don’t need to look at the screen in many cases. This includes menu functions and settings, caller ID, iPod data, and text messages when connected to a compatible phone.

Can I control my iPod using the iPod screen & menus instead of using the iO PLAY2?
Yes you are able to choose either the iO PLAY2 or the iPod to control music using the ‘Enable iO ZooM’ menu.
Please note that when iO ZooM is disabled you will not have track information displayed on the iO PLAY2 screen, however you will have the ability to control track functions from both the iO PLAY2 and the iPod.

Does your kit support the eSCO function to improve call quality?
Yes the iO PLAY2 does support the Extended Synchronous Connection Oriented or “eSCO” function although it is turned off by default as it can cause some issues with phones that don’t support this function. To enable it, please select it in the Bluetooth menu and turn ON. Please note that if a non eSCO enabled device is connected then you may experience abnormal operation whilst making and receiving calls. If this is the case then the eSCO setting should be turned OFF.

Can the iO PLAY2 be connected to aftermarket audio systems?
Yes the iO PLAY 2 has a set of low level (RCA) outputs to enable connection to aftermarket amplifiers and systems. Please note that additional parts may be required.

My MP3 player is not Bluetooth compatible, can I still use it with iO PLAY2?
Yes iO PLAY2 has a 3.5mm auxiliary input which can be used to listen to music from non Bluetooth enabled devices with a headphone jack output.

I only have 2 speakers in my vehicle can I still connect an iO Kit?
Yes you are still able to use either an iO PLAY2 or iO TALK2 in your vehicle to drive 2 (or 1) speaker. If you are using an iO TALK2 then you will require an iO2S adaptor to enable the kit to function correctly.

Can I use the auxiliary input of my car audio system to play audio from the iO PLAY2?
Yes the iO PLAY2 can be used via your existing radio’s auxiliary input but this may require additional parts.

Can I prevent text/email alerts etc. playing through the speakers?
Yes, by rejecting keypad tones in the Bluetooth menu you can stop these tones from being played. Please note that if keypad tones have been rejected you will not be able to stream music from that phone.

How many contacts can I sync per phone?
Up to 9000 contacts per phone.

What languages does iO support?
iO has 5 languages pre-programmed into the unit: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish

What is CVC?
CVC = Clear Voice Capture technology gives iO the ability to adjust to different in vehicle environments to enhance audio acoustics. With three different presets for cars, light commercial vehicles and convertibles.

Can I read the display day or night?
The display settings automatically change the brightness for daytime or nighttime

Will it match my vehicles interior?
We have worked hard to style the product to be a discreet but stylish addition to any dashboard or in vehicle environment whilst still allowing full user interaction.

What is the size of each unit?
iO PLAY2 and iO TALK2 share the same housings
Dimensions in mm (L x W x D)
Screen = 69 x 32 x 12
Controller = 69 x 24 x 24
Control Box = 123 X 77 X 24

Does iO have any accessories?
Yes! Bluetooth adaptors, steering wheel controls, stalk adaptors and connector leads to adapt to your cars loom. We also own the Autoleads brand who are the UKs larger manufacturer of connector leads used in 99% of all Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit installations.


My Kit does not turn on when I turn on the cars ignition.
Check that you have +12V on the red wire at the control box when the ignition is on. If not then your vehicle may not have a +12V feed at the stereo and you will need to source one elsewhere (please check with your vehicle manufacturer to find a suitable point).

My Bluetooth device will not pair with the iO PLAY2
Please check that your device uses either simple secure pairing (SSP) or 0000 as its automatic pairing code. If it does not then please refer to the pairing with user PIN menu to assign a specific PIN code to your kit. Also please ensure that there are not already 5 devices paired to the kit.
Also ensure that there are not currently 2 connected devices as the kit will not accept new pairings when this is the case.

My device will not connect to iO PLAY2
Please ensure Bluetooth is turned on on your device and that it is within range of the iO PLAY2. Please also ensure that there are not already 2 devices connected to the iO PLAY2.

I cannot control the music functions from the iO PLAY2 when I am streaming music from my phone
Your phone does not support the AVRCP profile which is required to activate this function.
Please contact our technical department for further information or check your phones supported features in our handset compatibility database.

My kit has become unresponsive or is acting in an unexpected manner
If any unexplained issues should arise with your product then you can do a full reset by holding down both the green and red buttons for 10 seconds until the kit shuts off. This will complete a factory reset of the product. Please note that all paired devices will be deleted from memory and will require re-pairing. Also all settings will be returned to the factory default setting. If you only wish to restore the features to default then this can be accomplished by using the feature reset function in the menu.

When I make a call I am not getting any response from the iO Kit
For some handsets you may be required to turn OFF the ‘Advanced Call Status’ feature. This can be found in;
Settings – Bluetooth – List Paired Devices – ‘Choose Handset’ – Advanced Call Status.
This option can be configured separately for each paired device.

When I select reverse on my car, iO is not reverting back to the car stereo to allow me to hear my parking beeps.
In order for this feature to work the reverse input wire must be connected to the vehicles reverse light. Once connected you then have the option of choosing the mode of operation in the reverse priority menu.

I cannot access the Text Message feature on the kit
Only certain phones allow text messages to be displayed and read out on the kit. Please check our handset compatibility database to see if your phone is a compatible device.

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