Software Updates

iO PLAY2 and iO TALK2 are supported with firmware updates. To install the latest update we have provided an easy to install firmware update dashboard that you can install on your computer, Windows compatible on XP, Vista, Win 7 (.net 3.5 onwards)

To update your firmware follow these simple steps.

1 ) Download the iO firmware updater guide click here

Check if your computer is 32bit or 64bit Start>Control Panel>System The version of Windows (64 bit or 32 bit) should by listed in the information given. To check if your PC is 32 or 64 bit click here for Microsoft’s guide. Some PC manufactures may choose to remove or hide this information. In this case, contact your PC’s manufacturer for advice.

WARNING: Before connecting any iO Talk2 or iO Play2 to your computer, please complete the installation as described here.

2 ) Download and install the firmware update software by clicking

64bit computers download link
32bit computers download link

3 ) Unzip the file (for zip freeware click here)

4 ) Navigate to where the program is saved double click “setup.exe” click “Accept”

NOTE:- Some PC’s may need additional updated software from Microsoft to correctly run the iO Firmware Updater program. If this additional software is required, you will be prompted to download and install it, this operation may take some time.

5 ) The iO Firmware Updater software will start when/if the required Microsoft software has been installed.

6 ) Please read the End User Licence Agreement. To proceed, tick the “I Agree” radio button and then press “Next”:

7 ) On the Welcome screen, press “Next”:

8 ) On the Select Installation Folder screen, select the required options. You can choose to place the program anywhere on your hard disk you have privileges to access. Unless you have specific reasons not to, we recommend that the defaults are used When ready, press Next:

9 ) On the Confirm Installation screen, press Next if you wish to install the software with the options selected. Alternatively, press Back to go back to previous screens and change settings, or press Cancel to abort.

10 ) All required options, file locations etc. have been specified; pressing ‘Next’ will start the installation.

11 ) At this point, the installation routine may need to install device drivers for your system to communicate with the iO Play2 or iO Talk2 hardware. Please press ‘Next’ to install the required drivers. (Without the required drivers, the upload program will not function).

12 ) Press “Finish”. The device driver installation window will close, and the main installer window will become active. The iO Firmware Uploader software has now been installed on your system.

The steps needed to update the software of your iO Play2 or iO Talk2 unit are:

1 ) Start the iO Firmware Update PC tool.

2 ) Connect your iO Play2 or iO Talk2 to the PC via a USB cable

3 ) Download or select the file you will be using to update (or ‘Flash’) your hardware

4 ) Start the update process by pressing the ‘Start Update’ button

5 ) Disconnect the PC from your iO product when the PC tells you it has completed the update process.

For a full description of the process please download and read the iO firmware updater guide click here which gives you comprehensive step-by-step instructions.

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